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Making decisions about your retirement is a daunting task, but it is vital understand the different options when planning your retirement. QNUPS or Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme has been available since February 2010 and is the answer for many UK citizens. Taking a QNUPS can prove quite advantageous as it provides a legal way of mitigating the IHT charges.

Transfer your UK pension abroad

Globalisation has had a huge impact on the flow of money worldwide. With several people choosing job opportunities abroad there has been an increased demand for more flexible investment options. Finding the best QNUPS jurisdictions will depend on the individual’s circumstances, and there are many destinations offering good options. Have a look at our QNUPS guide for more (or continue here to read more about QROPS options.)

Both QROPS and QNUPS offer various benefits for individuals considering a UK pension transfer, both are parked offshore but are not the same. It is important to understand the difference in structure and implication between QROPS and QNUPS to be able to evaluate which would be more useful in one’s circumstances.

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