QROPS FAQ You Must Be Aware Of

There are many questions and concerns that need to be addressed when transferring a UK Pension to a QROPS.

Below is a list of categories that cover a number of these frequently asked QROPS questions.

What To Look For When Considering A QROPS

The choice of jurisdiction and level of investment flexibility offered is important when transferring a UK Pension into a QROPS.

Understanding the key factors and benefits that should be offered by QROPS is the first step in choosing to transfer your pension scheme. It is equally important to understand the conditions when it may not be favourable to transfer.

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Qualifying For A QROPS

There are specific requirements that need to be met before one is able to establish a QROPS, and factors such as nationality and tax residency can have an impact.

Other factors such as the type of pension structure and whether the individual has taken benefit can affect whether one is able to a QROPS.

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When transferring to a QROPS, individuals need an understanding of the costs of establishing a QROPS as well as the minimum values.

The question of purchasing an annuity and whether it is necessary also needs to be addressed.

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Tax Implications

The tax implications of transferring to a QROPS Pension Scheme need to be thoroughly examined and the rate of taxation that a QROPS will attract must be fully understood.

Additionally the taxation benefits should be accurately measured to ensure that they outweigh the costs of transferring to a QROPS.

Benefits And Assets

Recognise the manner in which assets are handled by a QROPS, such as liquidation of assets prior to transferring to a QROPS, purchasing a residential property with a QROPS and the transfer of assets upon death.

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